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Electronic integrated microsystem technology mainly includes application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), system on chip (SOC), monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), hybrid integrated circuit (HIC) and other microelectronic technologies and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). 


With the rapid development of science and technology, modern aircrafts are flying higher and faster,and the airborne avionics have also adopted a more advanced technology-integrated digital airborne electronic system. With the new regional airliner The production line was introduced into worldwide, and we also deeply mastered the testing and testing methods of the integrated airborne avionics equipment on the production line.As mentioned in the book, Aviation ASIC: Design Theory and Engineering Practice, discusses the basic theories of aviation ASIC related concepts, design methods, etc. , Monolithic high-density circuit design and implementation methods (mainly ASIC, SoC and MEMS), and high-density avionics packaging methods (mainly MCM and SiP).

On this basis, the author's engineering practice in many projects in this field is described, involving design methods such as ASIC/SoC/MCM commonly used in aviation-specific integrated circuits, as well as the design and implementation of airborne bus network protocol chips. Finally, the author's exploration and thinking on some systemic issues in the development and use of aviation integrated circuits are given, including how to build a complete autonomous and controllable aviation-specific integrated circuit technology and product system, and how to strengthen the mechanism of high-reliability and high-safety integrated circuits. Research and design process quality assurance system construction, how to establish ground full-function, full-environment application verification system and other issues, the purpose is to minimize the risk of aviation integrated circuit development and use.